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What is the full form of KRA?

KRA: Key Result Area

The full form of KRA is “Key Result Area” or “Key Responsibility Area“. Key result areas (KRA) refer to the general metrics or parameters that the organization has established for a specific function. These data can be used as an evaluation tool since they show the overall performance of that entity. The term describes the scope of the job profile and covers approximately 80% of the job function of an individual or employee.

KRA full form

The Key Responsibility Area (KRA) is based on the Employee Job Description (JD) and they are solely responsible for the specific KRAs assigned to them. Employees must be very clear about their contribution to the overall profitability of the organization. KRAs are designed by the organization or company to measure the performance of its employees in an orderly manner and can also be used as an evaluation tool since this data is based on its overall performance. For example, as a human resources (HR) recruiter for the company, HR‘s KRA would be to recruit and train employees, evaluations of their performance, process worksheets, etc.

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