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What is the full form of TTYL?

TTYL: Talk To You Later

The full form of TTYL is Talk To You Later. It is another way of saying “bye for now” in online chats and messages. The term Talk To You Later (TTYL) is very popular among young people while chatting on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Like all the other internet slangs, TTYL is also an informal word, so it should not be used in business or formal conversations. It is used in personal conversations and emails with a friend. Mainly, it is used when someone wants to end a chat or discussion to catch up later. For example, “I have to go TTYL”. Today, it is very popular and has become a common part of online text messages, chats, and emails.

Other full forms of TTYL

Full FormCategory
Text to You LaterGeneral
Talking to you laterGeneral
Ta Ta You AllChat
Ta Ta You LoserFunnies
Take That You LoserGeneral
Take Time Ya LoverFunnies
Talk to You LouderGeneral
Talk To Your LoveGeneral
Talk Type to You LaterGeneral
Talking To Youth LiveYouth
Tall Tan Young LadyGeneral
Task Takes You LongFunnies
Tell Teacher You’re LoyalChat
Tell Them You LiedGeneral
Tell Those You LoveChat
Tennessee Titans Young LifeFootball
texting Talk To You LaterGeneral
Thanks To You LoverGeneral
The Time You LearnedChat
Think Through Your LifeYouth
Through The Yawning LoungeFunnies
True To Your ListGeneral

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