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What is the full form of B.Ed?

B.Ed: Bachelor of Education

The full form of B.Ed is “Bachelor of Education“. A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) is a undergraduate professional degree which prepares students for work as a teacher in schools, though in some countries additional tasks like field work and research are required in order for the student to be fully qualified to teach. This degree is formerly known as BT (Bachelor of Teaching). The duration of this course is of two years. After successfully completing the course, the students become eligible to teach in intermediate and high schools.

B.Ed is a major prerequisite for any graduate to teach at the high school level in India. It is a skill-based course and mainly designed to impart the necessary teaching skills to make the students familiar with different aspects of classroom teaching. After completing the B.ED, the students become eligible for M.ED (Master of Education).


  • The minimum educational qualification required to be eligible for the B. Ed entrance exam is an undergraduate degree from a recognized university in India.
  • Qualification required to get eligible for Bachelors of Education is to possess an aggregate of 50-55% in your graduation or you have to clear the entrance exam. The pass percentage for B.Ed admission may vary from college to college.
  • You have to clear the B.ED entrance exam.
  • For B.Ed admissions there is no age bar.

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