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What is the full form of IES?

IES: Indian Engineering Services

IES full form

The full form of IES is “Indian Engineering Services“. The Indian Engineering Services (IES) are the services which cater to the technical and managerial functions of the government of India in the field of engineering. As in most countries, the Indian government recruits its civil servants and officials through competitive examinations. Many candidates take the exams, competing for a limited number of posts. IES officers are selected by the union government on the recommendation of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

Other Full Forms of IES

Full FormCategory
Illumination Engineering SocietyEngineering
Imagery Exploration SystemMilitary
In Eigener SacheGeneral
Indian Education SocietyEducational
Indoor Environmental ServicesEnvironmental
Indrema Entertainment SystemProducts
Industrial Electronics SocietyElectronics
Industrial Extension ServiceGeneral
Industry Expansion SolutionsGeneral
Infantry Enhancement SuitMilitary
Inland Empire SectionGeneral
Innovative Engineering SystemsEngineering
Innovative Event ServicesGeneral
Innovative Event SolutionsGeneral
Institute for Economic StudEconomy
Institute for European StudiesEuropean
Institute for Excellence in SalesInstitutes
Institute for Experimental StudiesUniversities
Institute for the Environment and SustainabilityInstitutes
Institute of Economic StudiesUniversities
Institute of Ecosystem StudiesUniversities
Institute of Education SciencesInstitutes
Institute of Environmental SustainabilityEnvironmental
Institute of European StudEuropean
Institution of Engineers SingaporeElectronics
Instrumentation Electrical ServicesElectronics
Integrated Earth SystemsGeneral
Integrated Electrical ServicesElectronics
Integrated Environmental SolutionsEnvironmental
Integrated Environmental SystemsEnvironmental
Integrated Eyewear SystemGeneral
Intelligence Evaluation StaffFBI Files
Intelligent and Evolutionary SystemsGeneral
Intelligent Evacuation SystemChemistry
Intensive English StudiesUniversities
International Education for StudentsStudents
International Education ServicesEducational
International EPR SocietyInternational
International Equipment SolutionsInternational
International Exchange SiteUS Government
Internet Enrollment ServicesInternet
Internet Escrow ServicesGeneral Business
Internet Event ServerInternet
Interstate Electronic SystemsElectronics
Ion and Electron SensorGeneral

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