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What is the full form of LCM & HCF?

LCM: Least Common Multiple

LCM full form

The full form of LCM is “Least Common Multiple“. The Least Common Multiple (LCM) is also referred to as the Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) and Least Common Divisor (LCD). LCM of two or more numbers(say a,b,c…..)is the smallest number by which all the numbers a,b,c… are divisible.Or in other words L.C.M is the smallest number having a,b,c…. as it’s factors. For example if you take the numbers 3 and 5,then the smallest number by which 3 and 5 are divisible i.e. 15 is the LCM of 3 and 5.

HCF: Highest Common Factor

HCF full form

The full form of HCF is “Highest Common Factor“. Highest Common Factor (HCF) of two or more numbers(say a,b,c….)is the highest number by which a,b,c… are divisible,or the highest number which is a factor of a,b,c…. Let’s again take 3 and 5 as an example. The HCF of 3 and 5 would be the number by which both 3 and 5 are divisible.Here it is 1.

Other full forms of LCM & HCF

LCM full forms

Full FormCategory
La Cumbre AirportAirport Codes
Landing Craft MechanizedWater Transport
Language for Conceptual ModelingGeneral Computing
Lansing’s Christian MessengerNews & Media
Laser Capture MicrodissectionMedical
Laser Capture MolecularGeneral
Laser Capture Molecular CoreMedical Physics
Last Chance MeetGeneral
Last chance MinistriesCommunity
Leeds College of MusicUniversities & Institutions
Left Costal MarginPhysiology
Legal Case ManagementManagement
Letalski Center MariborRegional Organizations
Levitt Capital ManagementCompanies & Firms
Library of Congress MagazineLibraries
Life Changing MovementsGeneral
Life Cycle ModelMilitary
Life-Cycle ManagementMeteorology
Lightweight Communications and MarshallingGeneral
Linear Conservation of MomentumPhysics
Listed Company ManualCompanies & Firms
Lithuanian Centre MovementPolitics
Little Company of MaryCompanies & Firms
Local Church MinistriesChurches
Local Command ModeAssembly
Local Controller ModuleGeneral Computing
Logistics Chain ManagementMilitary
London City MissionReligious Organizations
London College of MusicUniversities & Institutions
Long-Course MetersSports
Loss Circulation MaterialChemistry
Lots of Calories MunchiesFunnies
Louis Capital MarketsGeneral
Low Cost ManagementManagement
Lower of Cost or MarketAccounting
Lure Courser of MeritDogs Related
Lutheran Campus MinistryUniversities
Lymphocytic ChoriomeningitisDiseases & Conditions

HCF full forms

Full FormCategory
Haldimand Community ForestCommunity
Half Circle ForwardMilitary
Halt and Catch FireAssembly
Happy Calm And FocusedGeneral
Hard Core FactionsGeneral
Harvard China FundFunds
Health Care FacilitiesMedical
Health Care FinanceMedical
Health Care FundNon-Profit Organizations
Health Centers of the FutureMedical
Heaviest Common FactorGeneral
Hedgehog Containment FacilityFarming & Agriculture
Heritage Congressional FellowshipGeneral
Hexavalent Chrome FreeChemistry
High Connection FailureTelecom
High Cycle FatigueHardware
Hispanic College FundNon-Profit Organizations
Home Christian FellowshipReligion
Honda Canada FinanceCompanies & Firms
Horseless Carriage FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Host Capture ForceScience Fiction
Host Control FunctionNetworking
Host Controlled FamilyHardware
Host Controller FunctionNetworking
Hundred Cubic FeetUnit Measures
Medical Connect FundMedical

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