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What is the full form of NSS?

1) NSS: National Service Scheme

The full form of NSS is “National Service Scheme“. It is a government-sponsored public service from India and is under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of India., The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a voluntary association of young students from colleges, universities and at the +2 level, participating in various activities that will help them learn the reality of society and work for their common welfare. During my B.com, I am also a member of the NSS and learned many things in social service. It was introduced on September 24, 1969, with the aim of developing the personality of the students and the young generation through community services. The main motto of the NSS is “NOT ME, BUT YOU”.


2) NSS: Network Security Services

NSS full form

In computing, NSS stands for Network Security Services. It comprises a set of libraries designed to safely support cross-platform development of client and server applications. NSS developers are Mozilla, AOL, Red Hat, Sun Microsystems, Oracle Corporation, Google and others. The purpose of the NSS is that the content of a message, when transmitted over a network, remains confidential, that is, only the intended recipient and no one else can read the message. The data must arrive at the destination without alteration, that is, exactly as it was sent. There should be no changes during transmission, neither accidentally nor maliciously. NSS includes a framework in which developers and OEMs can contribute patches, such as assembly code, to optimize performance on their platforms.

Other full forms of NSS

Full FormCategory
National Sample SurveyCensus & Statistics (India)
N S Group, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Nair Service SocietyRegional Organizations
Name Service SwitchNetworking
Name Service SwitchingInternet
Namibia Scientific SocietyNon-Profit Organizations
Nanakaland Space ShipScience Fiction
National Screen ServiceNews & Media
National Search and Rescue SecretariatDepartments & Agencies
National Security ServiceUS Government
National Security StrategyMilitary
National Space SocietyInternational Orgaizations
National Speleological SocietyRegional Organizations
National Standards SystemUS Government
Navy Standardized ScoreMilitary
Necklace Sterling SilverProducts
Neutral Salt SprayChemistry
New Sectional StandardUS Government
New Skies SatellitesCompanies & Firms
New Statesman SocietyCommunity
Nice Skate ShoesChat
Nintendo Sega SonyCompanies & Firms
Nodal Switching SystemNetworking
Normal Saline SolutionPhysiology
Normal Size and ShapePhysiology
Northern Secondary SchoolSchools
Norton ScreenSaver module (NC – NDW Screen Saver)File Extensions
Not So SeriousChat
Not Statistically SignificantMathematics
Notification Subscription ServerNetworking
Novell Storage ServicesNetworking
NTRU Signature SchemeSoftware

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