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What is the full form of PIN?

PIN: Personal Identification Number

The full form of PIN is “Personal Identification Number”. It is also called PIN number or PIN code. A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a secure alphanumeric or numeric code used for authenticated access to a system. The core purpose of a PIN is to provide an additional layer of security. A PIN serves as a verification tool for users of a variety of networks and systems, such as ATM or POS transactions, mobile phones, secure access control (e.g. computer access, door access, car access), internet transactions (e.g. credit/debit cards), or to log into a restricted website. PINs are used in many fields including banking, payment processing and communications. The PIN provides security when a credit/debit card is lost or stolen because the PIN must be known prior to making a money withdrawal.

PIN Full Form: Personal Identification Number

Other Full Forms of PIN

Full FormCategory
Product Identification NumberBusiness
Project Identification NumberAccounting
Provider Identification NumberHospitals
Publication Identification NumberNews & Media
Postal Index NumberStandards
Property Index NumberGeneral
Partido Integración Nacional
[National Integration Party]
People in NeedOrganizations
Police Information NoticePolice
Process Identification NumberComputing
Progressive Inflammatory NeuropathyMedical
Prostatic Intraepithelial NeoplasiaMedical
Pacific Island networkOcean Science
Pain In the NeckPhysiology
Parent Independent NetworkCommunity
Patron Identification NumberCommunity
Performance Index NumberGeneral
Personal Interactive NavigationInternet
Personnel Item NumberMilitary
Plan Identification NumberMilitary
Police Information NetworkLaw & Legal
Positive Intrinsic NegativeElectronics
Post It NoteProducts
Press Information NoticeNews & Media
Prostate Intraepithelial NeoplasiaPhysiology

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