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What is the full form of NRC?

1) NRC: National Register of Citizens

The full form of NRC is “National Register of Citizens“. It is a register containing the names of all genuine Indian citizens. At present, only Assam has such a register. This can be extended to other states also. Nagaland is already creating a similar database known as the Register of Indigenous Inhabitants (RIIN). Union Home Minister Amit Shah announced in Parliament on 20 November 2019 that the National Register of Citizens (NRC) will be implemented across the country, which will contain demographic and biometric details of citizens. In the Rajya Sabha, Shah said that there is no provision in the NRC to exclude people based on religion.

NRC full form

What is NRC in Assam?

The NRC in Assam is basically a list of Indian citizens residing in the state. The Register of Citizens sets out to identify foreign nationals in a state bordering Bangladesh. The NRC contains the names of Indian citizens who live in Assam. It was prepared in 1951 after the Census of India 1951. It was prepared based on the details of all the persons mentioned during the census. Those who came to Assam before the formation of Bangladesh (before 25 March 1971) would only be considered citizens of India. Assam is the first state in India to have a National Register of Citizens (NRC).

2) NRC: Nutrition Rehabilitation Center

Nutrition Rehabilitation Center

In Medical, the full form of NRC is “Nutrition Rehabilitation Center”. NRC is a health facility that admits and manages children with SAM (Severe Acute Malnutrition). Children are admitted to the Nutrition Rehabilitation Center (NRC) and receive medical and nutritional care according to the defined admission criteria adopted according to the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) and WHO recommendations.NRC provides institutional care for children with acute malnutrition and it promotes the physical, mental & social growth of children with acute malnutrition.

3) Other full forms of NRC

Full FormCategory
Nuclear Regulatory CommissionDepartments & Agencies
National Research CouncilDepartments & Agencies
Norwegian Refugee CouncilRegional Organizations
National Rugby ChampionshipRugby
Noise Reduction CoefficientUnits
Nigerian Railway CorporationRail Transport
National Research CentreResearch & Development
Northern Regional CollegeEducational Institute
National Resource CenterGeneral
National Republican ConventionPolitics
National Redemption CouncilMilitary
National Racing CalendarSports
Non-Recurring ChargeBusiness Terms
Normal Retinal CorrespondenceAnatomy & Physiology
Nottingham Rowing ClubSports & Recreation Organizations
No Remorse CorpsMartial Arts
Nature Reviews CancerJournals & Publications
National Recycling CoalitionNon-Profit Organizations
National Registration CardUS Government
No Right ClickGeneral Computing
Non-Reusable ContainerTransportation
Network Reliability CenterTelecommunication
Non-Unit-related CargoMilitary and Defence
NATO Russian CouncilPolitics
Not Really ConcernedTexting
Not Really CompetentOccupation & Positions
No Regulatory CriteriaUS Government
Normal Rational CurveMathematics
Nutritional Research CommitteeLaboratory
Naval Recruiting CenterMilitary and Defence
New Royal CalendarGovernmental
Never Really ConfirmedLaw & Legal
Network Reliability CouncilComputer and Networking
National Rifle CommitteeCommittees
No Radiation CatastrophiesUnclassified
Nuclear Rubberstamp CommissionDepartments & Agencies
National Rover CouncilHobbies
Negotiated Rulemaking CommitteeComputer and Networking
Crows Landing (ca)Airport Code
National Response CenterMilitary and Defence

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