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What is the full form of UPA?

UPA: United Progressive Alliance

UPA full form

The full form of UPA is United Progressive Alliance. UPA is a coalition of left and centre-left political parties in India formed post the 2004 general elections when it had become clear that no party had won an absolute majority. Until then the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) had won 181 seats in the 543-member 14th Lok Sabha, as opposed the UPA’s tally of 218 seats. Congress leader Sonia Gandhi opted not to take the premiership and instead recommended Manmohan Singh, a Sikh, for the post.

The Congress made significant gains in the 2009 parliamentary elections, increasing its seat total in the Lok Sabha to 206; conversely, the BJP’s total fell to 116. Singh formed another UPA coalition cabinet and was sworn in for a second term, becoming the first prime minister since Jawaharlal Nehru to do so after having served a full five-year first term. However the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) lost major popularity in the 2014 General Elections after many elected representatives of the UPA were accused in various scams and scandals.

Other full forms of UPA

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Un Principled AllianceAlliances
Underground Producers AllianceAlliances
União dos Povos de AngolaPolitics
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Uniform Partnership ActLaw & Legal
Unión de Pequeños AgricultoresSpanish
Unión Popular de ArtistasSpanish
Unique Particle AttributionInternet
United Partnership AssociationGeneral Business
United Pilots AllianceTransportation
United Powerlifting AssociationAssociations
United Productions of AmericaCompanies
United Progreesive AlliancePolitics
United Property AssociatesGeneral
United States Professional
Poolplayers Association
Universal Port ArchitectureUnions
Universal Powerline AssociationOrganizations
Universal Programmer AnalyserGeneral
University of PennsylvaniaUniversities
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University Pediatric AssociationUniversities
University Physicians’ AssociationUniversities
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Urban Promise AcademyAcademic & Science
Urokinase Plasminogen ActivatorPhysiology
Usability Professionals’ AssociationAssociations
Use all Power AvailableAssembly
Utenti Pubblicità AssociatiOrganizations
Utility Partners of AmericaGeneral

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