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What is the full form of HR?

HR: Human Resources

The full form of HR is Human Resources. Large companies have human resources (HR) department that deals with recruitment, people management, and defining organizational policies. HR is responsible for hiring and caring for employees of an institution. The person who is responsible for recruiting the candidates, handling management tasks and provides direction to the newly recruited employees in a structured manner is called HR Manager. Human resource management (HRM) is one of the most important departments in any company.

HR full form

Responsibilities of HR

1) Appointing employees

There is a lot of competition for the attention of the best talent in the present era. The HR manager needs to find that suitable candidate. This includes hiring responsible employees who will use their skills and abilities for the overall development of the company. It is essential to have a knowledgeable and responsible human resource manager, because without good employees the company cannot move in the right direction of success.

2) Creating and maintaining HR policies

One of the responsibilities and duties of the HR Manager is to add the HR policies of the government to the HR policy of its organization and revise the policies for better performance of the employees. They should be aware of all government policies to reflect in their policy. They monitor whether the policies they have implemented are working successfully or not, including cards, promotions, salaries, incentives, absconding policy, working hours, etc.

3) Awards and Recognition

Recognizing your employees and rewarding them for their performance and contribution to the organization is the prime task of the HR manager. They encourage employees to perform well. According to their grading or rating, they will collect information from department managers and identify employees according to their performance.

4) Development Program for Employees

Once the hiring process is complete, human resource management will take care of their training process. They create programs based on department and function and enhance new employees by giving them experience with the environment of the organization. They provide an opportunity for them to learn skills and develop in their careers. They also organize participation programs for employees, in which one can interact with their colleagues-employees. They provide training on awareness programs for women employees on how to protect themselves.

5) Participation in planning and development

In a modern institution, human resource officers act as strategic partners. They participate in the identification, development and execution of corporate objectives. In this capacity, HR executives align their organization work with other people to achieve company goals.

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