What is the full form of NGO?

NGO: Non-Governmental Organization

The full form of NGO is Non-Governmental Organization. NGO is an organization that is neither a part of the government nor a traditional for-profit business. They are typically nonprofit entities, and many of them are active in humanitarianism or the social sciences; they were created to solve problems related to senior citizens, childrens, poor people, environment etc.

NGO full form

Generally, it is setup by common people, citizens. The common source of revenue for running an NGO is donations. It can be funded by governments (state and central government), businesses etc. It can be organized at community based, city level, national level or international level.

Sometimes, NGOs are also known as Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs). The NGO is neither “owned” by anyone nor can distribute profits or income in the form of dividends. Any profits they can make from their activities are spent on appropriate non-profit activities.

Types of NGO

  • BINGO: Business-friendly international NGO (Example: Red Cross)
  • ENGO: Environmental NGO (Example: Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund)
  • GONGO: Government-organized non-governmental organization (Example: International Union for Conservation of Nature)
  • INGO: International NGO (Example: Oxfam)
  • QUANGO: Quasi-autonomous NGO (Example: International Organization for Standardization [ISO])
  • Smile Foundation
  • Child Rights and You(CRY)
  • Give India Foundation
  • GOONJ..a voice, an effort
  • HelpAge India
  • The Akshaya Patra Foundation (TAPF)
  • KC Mahindra Education Trust ( Nanhi Kali )
  • LEPRA India
  • Care India
  • Pratham Education Foundation
  • Childline India Foundation
  • Sammaan Foundation
  • Nanhi Kali
  • Udaan Welfare Foundation
  • Deepalaya

Other full forms of NGO

Full FormCategory
Chūbu Centrair International AirportAirport Codes
Next Generation OfficeBusiness
Next Generation OnlineInternet
Nothing Going OnGeneral
No Good OrganizationFunnies
Next Government OfficialUS Government
Native Green OrangeFood & Nutrition
Not Getting OnChat
Not Good ObserverGeneral
New Golden OpportunityGeneral

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