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What is the full form of RPF?

RPF: Railway Protection Force

RPF full form

The full form of RPF is “Railway Protection Force“. RPF is a security force of the Indian Railways with the primary purpose to protect the railway passengers, passenger area and railway property. RPF is under the authority of Ministry of Railways (India) and the only security force which has the right to arrest, investigate and prosecute criminals, though the ultimate power rests in the hands of the Government Railway Police. The Indian Railway Protection Force Service (IRPFS) is established by the Railway Protection Force Act, 1957; enacted by the Indian Parliament for “the better protection and security of railway property”. The strength of RPF as on 1st January 2014 is estimated to be about 65000 personnel’s. Railway Protection Force is headed by the Direct General.


Following are the key objectives of RPF:

  • To protect and safeguard railway property and to combat crime against it
  • To remove any obstruction in the movement of railway property
  • To identify potential situations where crime can take place (against railway property, be it static, in-transit or mobile) and effect remedial measures
  • Facilitate passenger-travel and security by removing all anti-social elements from trains, railway premises and passenger area.
  • Remain vigilant to prevent trafficking in women and children and take appropriate action to rehabilitate destitute children found in Railway areas.
  • Act as a bridge between the Government Railway Police/local police and the Railway administration.
  • To register and take up enquires under the Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act 1966, apprehend the offenders & participate in subsequent legal proceedings.

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