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What is the full form of DRS?

DRS: Decision Review System

DRS full form

The full form of DRS is “Decision Review System (DRS)“. It is a technology-based system used in the sport of cricket to aid on-field umpires to make correct decisions. It is also called as UDRS (Umpire Decision Review System). DRS was preceded by a system to allow on-field umpires to refer some decisions to the Third umpire to be decided using TV replays, in place since since November 1992. The addition of Player Reviews and additional technology to this system was first introduced in Test cricket, for the sole purpose of reviewing controversial decisions made by the on-field umpires as to whether or not a batsman/batswoman had been dismissed.

DRS system is based on the concept of player – referral conceived by Senaka Weeraratna (Sri Lankan lawyer). He was the first to suggest a Player Referral System for Cricket in a letter published in the ‘Australian’ national newspaper on March 25, 1997. Until he drew public attention to the benefit of such a player referral system there was no such system or mechanism even in other Sports, prior to March 25, 1997. The Player Referral system was first tested in an India v Sri Lanka match in 2008,[1] and was officially launched by the ICC on 24 November 2009 during the first Test match between New Zealand and Pakistan at the University Oval in Dunedin.

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