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What is the full form of BHIM?

BHIM: Bharat Interface for Money

The full form of BHIM is Bharat Interface for Money.BHIM App is a mobile app launched by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI), a Government of India undertaking for financial transactions. Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) was introduced in the year 2016 to promote digital payments. The software of this app can be used without the internet.

BHIM full form

Features and Benefits of BHIM

  • Send and Request Money: This feature enables a user to send money using Virtual Payment Address (VPA) or combination of Account Number and IFSC or even by scanning QR code
  • Scan and Pay: In this feature user can pay by scanning the QR code. User can generate QR code by clicking on receive the payment option.
  • Transactions: This option allows a user to check transaction history. It also highlights pending UPI collect requests (if any) so that a user can approve or reject the payment requests.
  • Profile: User can view the static QR code and payment addresses and share the QR code through various messenger applications like WhatsApp, Email, etc.
  • Bank account: Using this Option, a customer can check the bank account which is linked with the BHIM App along with PIN status.
  • Multi language: This app is available in regional languages ​​to improve user experience.
  • Block user: A person can block users who are frequently sending collect requests.

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