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What is the full form of PO?

1) PO: Probationary Officer

PO full form in Banking is Probationary Officer. It is an entry-level position awarded to new recruits in Indian banks. The Probationary Officer (PO) is a very exciting career in the banking sector, apart from a Management Trainee and a Special Officer. This position is known as a Probationary Officer because freshers newly recruited in that position are served for a certain probation period.

Banking Jobs is quite popular these days. One of these profiles is the Probationary Officer at the Bank. In the banking field, they are also called Junior Management Grade-1 (JMG-Scale 1). During the probation period, the trainee must complete the tasks assigned by their superiors and work in the different areas of banks such as account opening, check processing, currency exchange, loans, credit rating, treasury, etc. In the entire probationary period, the bank has the authority to fire the employee from his service.

Eligibility Criteria

  • An applicant who wishes to apply for a Bank PO must have a bachelor’s or master’s certificate from a reputed and recognized institution.
  • Candidates awaiting the results of the undergraduate or master’s degree or any other exam can also apply for the entrance exam.
  • There is also an age limit for candidates to apply for this entrance exam. The minimum age to attend this exam is 20 years or older. Relaxation up to the age of 5 is also provided for some categories. For example, OBC candidates receive 3-year-old relaxation and SC / ST candidates receive 5-year relaxation.
  • Candidates must not have any type of criminal history or civil offense and must not have any type of negative history.

2) PO: Post Office

Another full form of PO is Post Office. A post office (PO) is part of the national postal system. It provides customer service, such as mail-related services, that is, letters, parcels, etc. It also sells postal stamps, packaging, and stationery. Many post offices offer additional services, such as providing and accepting government forms, processing government services, and banking services. The term “Post Office” has been in use since the 1650s, shortly after the legalization of private courier services in England in 1635. The main administrator of the post office is a postmaster.

3) Other full forms of PO

Pacific OceanOcean Science
Parents OfLaw & Legal
Parole OfficerOccupation & Positions
Partially OrGeneral
Partner OrganizationGeneral Business
Passport OfficeDepartments & Agencies
Pay OffSports
Per Os (by mouth)Physiology
Performance ObjectiveOccupation & Positions
Periodic OrbitNASA
Petites OndesFrench
Petrol OfisiCompanies & Corporations
Petty OfficerMilitary
Pick OffSports
Platforma ObywatelskaGeneral
Plus OneAssembly
Polar Air CargoAirline Codes
Pole OnSports
Police OfficerLaw & Legal
Portland, OregonStates
Post OperativePhysiology
Postal OrderUSPS
Power OutageElectronics
Previous OwnerGeneral Business
Primary OutputGeneral Computing
PrintOutGeneral Computing
Process OrderGeneral Business
Program ObjectiveMilitary
Projection Of ….Mathematics
Pull OffSports
Pull OutMilitary
Purchase OrderBusiness Operations

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