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What is the full form of TGT?

TGT: Trained Graduate Teacher

The full form of TGT is “Trained Graduate Teacher”. TGT is a title and not a course. If someone holds a B.Ed or any other teacher training certificate after graduation, they will be called Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT) and these teachers will be eligible to teach in junior classes at the school. There are courses called TGT courses, for example, B.Ed is a TGT course.

It is a title awarded to a graduate who has completed teacher training. If you graduated and completed B.Ed, you are already a TGT and do not need any teacher training to become a TGT. Teachers holding TGT title are qualified to teach students in class 10, including those in class 10. A graduate in any field of study is eligible for the TGT entrance exam. The minimum age limit to appear on the TGT test is 21 years and there is no upper age limit for this test. But it can vary from state to state.

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