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What is the full form of CTS?

1) CTS: Cheque Truncation System

The full form of CTS is Cheque Truncation System. A Cheque Truncation System (CTS) is a cheque clearing system undertaken by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for faster clearing of cheques. As the name suggests, truncation is the process of stopping the flow of the physical cheque in its way of clearing. In its place an electronic image of the cheque along with MICR number is sent to the drawee bank from the drawer bank.

CTS full form in Banking

The biggest advantage is that CTS-compliant cheques are more secure than old cheques and, hence, less prone to frauds. Also, as the system matures, it is proposed to integrate multiple locations and reduce geographical restrictions in cheque clearing. Hence going forward, there are chances of multi-city cheques getting cleared on the same day.

2) CTS: Clear to Send

CTS full form in Technology

Another full form of CTS is Clear to Send. It is a flow control signal or mechanism in RS-232 standard. It indicates that a line or device is ready for data transmission e.g. ready to move. It makes use of two further pins on the RS232 connector. CTS signal is sent in response to RTS (Request of Send) flow control signal. The RTS signal is sent by the sending device to tell the receiving end to get ready to receive or set its CTS line when it is ready. When the receiving end is ready to receive, it sends the CTS signal to tell the other end to send the data. Thus, CTS and RTS allow the receiver and the transmitter to alert each other before initiating the data transmission. The advantage to this approach is that damaging data in transit does not affect the flow control mechanism (as in Xon/Xoff).

3) Other Full Forms of CTS

Full FormCategory
C T S CorporationNYSE Symbols
Cadet Training ShipShipping & Sailing
Cadillac Touring SedanTransportation
Call The ShotsGeneral Business
Call Tracking SystemTelecom
Canada Treaty SeriesUS Government
Candidate Tracking SystemPolitics
Cardio-Thoracic SurgeryPhysiology
Career Technology StudiesUniversities
Careflow Transcription SuiteSoftware
Carmichael Training SystemsCompanies & Firms
Carpal Tunnel SyndromePhysiology
Cash To SpendAccounting
Catera Touring SedanTransportation
Celebrate The SpiritReligion
Center for Telangana StudiesUniversities
Center for Traffic StatisticsNon-Profit Organizations
Center for Transportation StudiesTransportation
Central Travel SummaryTransportation
Certified Technology SpecialistOccupation & Positions
Certified Temporary SpecialistOccupation & Positions
Certified Temporary StaffingOccupation & Positions
Certified Trauma SpecialistOccupation & Positions
Change Tracking SystemMilitary
Chicago Telephone ServiceCompanies & Firms
Child Transport SystemProducts
China Travel ServiceCompanies & Firms
Chinese Television SystemNews & Media
Christ the ShepherdGeneral
Christian Team ServerReligion
Christian Theological SeminaryReligion
Classroom Technology ServicesUniversities
Clinical Technical SupportLaboratory
Cluster Testing SystemNetworking
Cognizant Technology SolutionsSoftware
Collaborative Testing ServicesGeneral
Combined Trading SystemStock Exchange
Commercial To SpaceNASA
Commodity Transportation SurveyTransportation
Common Targeting SystemMilitary
Common Type SystemProducts
Communication Terminal SynchronousNetworking
Communications and Tracking SystemNASA
Communications Technology SatelliteOcean Science
Community Television StationNews & Media
Compact Touring SedanTransportation
Compatibility Test SuiteGeneral
Component Transaction ServerNetworking
Compulsive Travellers SyndromeHuman Genome
Compulsive Traveller’s SyndromePhysiology
Computer and Technology ShowcaseConferences
Computerized Training SystemNASA
Conflict Tactic ScaleMilitary
Conformance Test SystemGeneral Computing
Consolidated Tape SystemHardware
Consolidated Technology ServicesTechnology
Construction Testing ServiceConstruction
Contact Test SetMilitary
Conveyorized Two StationProducts
Coolant Temperature SensorChemistry
Copper Tube SizeProducts
Cordless Telephone SystemTelecom
Cordless Tools StoreCompanies & Firms
Corporate Translation ServicesInternational Business
Corporate Transportation SpecialistTransportation
Correspondence Tracking SystemFDA
Critical Thinking SkillsEducational
Cross Table SamplingMathematics
Crossroads Television SystemNews & Media
Customer and Trading SupportGeneral Business
Cylinder Tine SeparationProducts

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