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What is the full form of MICR?

MICR Full Form

The full form of MICR is Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. MICR code, is a character recognition technology used mainly by the banking industry to streamline the processing and clearance of cheques and other documents. It is a convenient and human-friendly pattern recognition system. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) was developed in the late 1950s and is now in use globally.

MICR Code Format

Cheque with MICR Code

Generally, the banking industry uses the MICR technology to identify the originality of the documents and disburden the processing and clearance of the cheques and documents. The MICR code is printed on the bottom of cheques and contains the following:

  • The first three digits represent the city code.
  • The next three digits represent the bank code.
  • The last three digits denote the branch code.


  • It is easily readable even if it has some stamp or signature on it.
  • It provides a high level of security as it is difficult to adhere to the exact ink which forged the document makes it difficult.
  • The chance of error is very low.
  • It has a high standard demand. MICR fonts that do not meet these demands are rejected.
  • Cartridges used in MICR is very expensive compared to normal cartridges.

MICR code is a 14 character code with 10 decimal digits and 4 special symbols.

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