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OP Full Form, Abbreviation, Meaning and Example

OP: Original Poster

OP full form

The full form of OP is Original Poster. In an online forum, OP means “original poster” but it can also mean “original post”. OP is the first post that starts the thread. At English Language & Usage, most people use OP as an abbreviation for original poster, but not everyone follows this convention all the time.

Examples of OP

  • An OP posted a cake recipe on a baking subreddit.
  • To answer the OP’s original question…
  • I think the OP was actually just sharing an anecdote about traveling to China. He wasn’t looking for a debate on China politics.

Other Full Forms of OP

Full FormCategory
Original PostTexting
Observation PostMilitary
Ocean PacificCompanies
One PieceManga & Anime
Operational PlanningBusiness Terms
Opposite PromptPerforming arts
Optimus PrimeFictional
Opus numberMusic
Orange PekoeFood & Drink
Oratory PrepEducation
Order in probabilityMathematics
Original PronunciationLinguistics
[Cooperative Bank]
Out of PrintBusiness Terms
Overall PositionExams & Tests
Overland ParkTowns & Cities
Obras PublicasGuatemalan
Office ProductsProducts
Official PublicationUS Government
On PlanGeneral Business
On ProgramHospitals
One PowerReligion
Open PlatformHardware
Open PollinatedBotany
Open PositionSports
Operating PlanMilitary
Operator PanelGeneral Computing
Oral PresentationToastmasters
Orthographic ProjectionNews & Media
Overland Park, KansasStates

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