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What is the full form of CPCT?

1) CPCT: Computer Proficiency Certification Test

The full form of CPCT is “Computer Proficiency Certification Test“. Computer literacy has created many opportunities, especially with the global move towards digitalization. Acquiring competence in computer work is a smart move to increase its potential. The Computer Proficiency Certification Test (CPCT) is an evaluation test conducted by the Madhya Pradesh government to certify the computer proficiency of candidates applying for jobs in various government departments and agencies. The registration facility is available in Hindi and English language for applicants. The candidate must register on the CPCT Portal or MAP-IT portal to appear in the CPCT.


The minimum eligibility criteria to appear for CPCT is:

  • The candidate should have passed Higher Secondary or Polytechnic Diploma after 10th.
  • The candidate should have completed 18 years of age as on the date of registration.

2) CPCT: Corresponding parts of Congruent Triangles

In maths, CPCT stands for “Corresponding parts of Congruent triangles”. It is mainly used after proving congruence between triangles. By congruence, we mean that both triangles are absolutely equal to each other, on both sides and angles. Then, once, we show that they are congruent using standard axioms, such as SSS, SAS, ASA, RHS, AAS, which is done by observing a specific set of corresponding angles and sides, and once it is done the rest of the corresponding sides and angles becomes equal. By writing CPCT we end it there.

Other full forms of CPCT

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Center for Personalized Cancer TherapyCancer
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Centre for Protected Cultivation TechnologyTechnology
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