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What is the full form of RO, UV & UF?

The full form of RO, UV and UF is Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultraviolet (UV) and Ultrafiltration (UF) respectivly. These are water purification processes.

RO: Reverse Osmosis

The full form of RO is “Reverse Osmosis“. It is a process that helps the RO water purifier to remove unwanted ions, dissolved solids and TDS from the water. In osmosis, the solvent passes through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution to a more concentrated solution. In reverse osmosis (RO), the solvent passes through the semipermeable membrane in the opposite direction (from a more concentrated solution to a less concentrated solution). Reverse osmosis can remove many types of dissolved and suspended chemical species, as well as biological species (mainly bacteria) from water, and is used in industrial processes and in the production of drinking water. Around the world, household drinking water purification systems, including a reverse osmosis step, are commonly used to improve drinking water.

UV: Ultraviolet

The full form of UV is Ultraviolet. In RO water purifiers, the reverse osmosis process can eliminate solids and dissolved ions, but cannot kill bacteria or germs in the water. UV rays can kill these bacteria and germs. Therefore, in most RO water purifiers, the water is forced through a tube and exposed to UV radiation that kills harmful bacteria and germs. On the positive side, UV technology does not contain chemicals and is easy to maintain. Ultraviolet means, in addition to violet, UV radiation was discovered in 1801. It is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 10 nm (with a corresponding frequency of approximately 30 PHz) at 400 nm (750 THz), less than that of the visible light. but larger than x-rays. UV radiation is present in sunlight and constitutes about 10% of the total production of electromagnetic radiation from the sun. It is also produced by electric arcs and specialized lights, such as mercury vapor lamps, tanning lamps and black lights.

UF: Ultrafiltration

The full form of UF is Ultrafiltration. It is a type of membrane filtration that is used in UF water purifiers. UF technology works without electricity and eradicates suspended solids, particles and larger water molecules through a hollow membrane. In this technique, water is passed through a semipermeable membrane with a hollow fiber thread. Large particles and suspended solutes are retained and water passes through the membrane. UF occurs before RO filtration, before water enters the water purifier. UF reduces the load on the RO membrane and extends the life of the membrane. By using UF, You cannot convert hard water to soft water, which is something that an RO purifier can do, providing clean RO water.

Other full forms of RO, UV & UF

RO full formCategory
Radiation OncologyTreatments & Procedures
Ragnarok OnlineGames & Entertainment
Random ObjectGeneral
Range OfficerMilitary
Read OnlyPhysics
Rebel OutpostMilitary
Recruiting OfficerMilitary
Red OrchestraMusic
Red OxideChemistry
Regional OfficeUS Government
Registered OwnerPolice
Relational OperatorGeneral
Renal OsteodystrophyDiseases & Conditions
Repair and OverhaulNASA
Repair OrderGeneral
Research OrganizationUniversities
Responsible OfficerGeneral
Results OfPhysics
Right OnGeneral
Ring OutCyber & Security
Rising OrderGeneral
Roll OnTransportation
Roll OverTransportation
RomaniaDomain Names (TLD)
RomanianLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Romantic ObsessionNews & Media
Room OnlyGeneral
Routine orderPhysiology
Rule OutPhysiology
UV full formCategory
Ultra ViolenceFilm Censorship
Ultra VioletorBritish Medicine
Ultra ViresBritish Medicine
Ultra VisualNews & Media
Uncle VernonGeneral
Underwater VesselMilitary
Unemployment and VacancyGeneral Business
Unión ValencianaUnions
Unique VisitorsInternet
Unique VoiceGeneral
Unit ValueUnit Measures
Unite de VillegiatureCommunity
United VideoCompanies & Firms
United voiceUnions
Universidad VeracruzanaUniversities
University of VegetarianismAcademic Degrees
University of VladivostokAcademic Degrees
Unnamed VolcanicsGeneral
Unpleasant VisualNews & Media
Upper VoltaGeneral
Urinary VolumePhysiology
User VariableSoftware
User VisibleCyber & Security
Utility VaultGeneral
Utility VehicleTransportation
UF full formCategory
Ultimate ForceMilitary
Ultra FastGeneral
Ultra FlexGeneral
Ultra FlyTransportation
Ultrahigh FrequencyElectronics
Uncertainty FactorGeneral
Undergroun FightersGeneral
Underground FeederProducts
Undocumented FeaturesUS Government
Undulation FactorTransportation
UnFurnishedHousing & Amenities
Unidad De FomentoSpanish
United FreeGeneral
United Front EducationEducational
University FundUniversities
University of FindlayUniversities
University of FloridaUniversities
Unrolling FactorGeneral
Unstoppable ForceGeneral
UntersuchungsFührerNazi Regime
Upper FeasibilityGeneral
Upper FreeholdGeneral
Uranium Focused Energy FundToronto Stock Exchange
Urban FantasyLibraries
Urea Formaldehyde resinPlastics
Usable FeederHardware
Used ForGeneral
User FriendlyGeneral Computing
Utrean ForcesPolitics
Utter FailureUniversities

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