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What is the full form of M.Sc?

M.Sc Full Form

M.Sc full form

The full form of M.Sc is Master of Science. M.Sc is a two-year postgraduate degree course offered by universities and colleges in various specialized science fields such as physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, botany, biotechnology, microbiology, environmental science, food science, life science. An M.Sc degree provides students with scientific entry-level qualifications. The course provides students with advanced theoretical as well as practical knowledge in their chosen specialization.

Eligibility Criteria for M.Sc

  • Educational Qualification: Candidates need to possess Bachelor’s Degree in Science from a recognized College/University.
  • Minimum Marks Required : Usually 50- 60% minimum marks candidates need to obtain in graduation to be eligible for M.Sc course. However, the required percentage may change depending on the policy of a university or institute.
  • Age Criteria: There is generally no age criteria to join M.Sc course .

Job Opportunities after M.Sc

MSc degree holders can go into a variety of jobs depending on the specialization they have studied. The curriculum is vast and there are ample opportunities for MSc pass-outs in both the public and private sectors. Below are some popular job profiles for MSc degree holders:

  • Research Scientist: One of the most popular career choices for M.Sc graduates is to become a lecturer. It’s an excellent field for someone who wants to specialize in their subject and impart their knowledge to others.
  • Teacher/Lecturer: One of the most popular career choices for M.Sc graduates is to become a lecturer. It’s an excellent field for someone who wants to specialize in their subject and impart their knowledge to others. However, to be a teacher candidates need to do B.Ed after their post-graduation.
  • Junior Research Fellow: The job role of a Junior Research Fellow includes conducting research, conducting research-related development activities, publishing scientific works and its results, etc. Along with Junior Research Fellowship (JRF), candidates usually get PhD program as well.
  • Food and Drug Inspector: The main job of a Food and Drug Inspector is to ensure that products are safe for human consumption. A food and drug inspector, also known as a quality control inspector, examines food or pharmaceuticals at various stages of the manufacturing process and ensures that quality standards are being met.
  • Biochemist: A biochemist is a person who is instrumental in developing drugs to fight various diseases. As part of daily work, a biochemist conducts research on the effects of drugs and food on biological processes Analyzes DNA, enzymes and other molecules.
  • Chemical Analyst: A chemical analyst is a professional who collects information about the composition of chemical substances, and processes as well as this information through the mediums of science, engineering, and mathematics.
  • Mathematician: A mathematician who uses advanced principles and techniques of mathematics to develop and understand mathematical principles and solve real-world problems in business, government, engineering, social science, etc.

Other full forms of M.Sc

Full FormCategory
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Mediterranean Shipping CompanyCompanies & Firms
Multimedia Super-CorridorBusiness
Message Sequence ChartSoftware
MIDI Show ControlSpecifications & Standards
Marginal Social CostCommunity
Microelectronics Support CentreResearch & Development
Military Sealift CommandMilitary
Mediterranean Shipping CruisesCompanies & Firms
Mesenchymal Stem CellHuman Genome
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Major Subordinate CommandMilitary
Mechanical Speed ControlTransportation
Microsoft C makefileFile Extensions
Marine Safety CouncilTransportation
Mail Service CenterUSPS
Missouri Service CenterCompanies & Firms
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Mission Service CorpsReligion
Matanuska Susitna CollegeColleges
Manned Spacecraft CenterMilitary
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