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What is the full form of NIIT?

NIIT: National Institute of Information Technology

The full form of NIIT is National Institute of Information Technology. It is a global multinational company focuses on computer knowledge and information technology. The National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) offers learning and training management solutions for companies, institutions and individuals. It is mainly famous for its IT training, although it also offers IT solutions for companies. NIIT has three main lines of business worldwide: Corporate Learning Group (CLG), Skills and Careers Group (SCG) and School Learning Group (SLG). It is one of the leading providers of computer education in India. It also provides IT certification courses, such as Java certification, .NET certification, CCNA certification, etc. NIIT is listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) of India. NIIT is headquartered in Gurgaon, India, created in 1981 by Rajendra S. Pawar and Vijay K. Thadani, graduates of IIT Delhi. In March 2020, Rajendra Singh Pawar is the Chairman, Vijay Kumar Thadani is the Vice President and MD, Sapnesh Lalla is the CEO of NIIT.

Other full forms of NIIT

Full FormCategory
National Information Infrastructure TestbedGeneral
Net Investment Income TaxTax
Nigerian Institute of Information TechnologyTechnology
North India Institute of TechnologyTechnology
Not Interested In TechnologyGeneral

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