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What is the full form of VGA?

VGA: Video Graphics Array

The full form of VGA is Video Graphics Array. It is an analog display standard originally developed by International Business Machines (IBM) in 1987 and allowed a screen resolution of 640×480 pixels at a refresh rate of 60 Hz. VGA is known as an array rather than an adopter, because it was implemented from the beginning as a single chip (ASIC). VGA cables have 15-pin connectors: 5-pin at the top, 5-pin in the middle, and the other 5-pin at the bottom. A VGA port on a desktop or laptop computer naturally has the same number of holes for a VGA cable to connect directly to it.

Video Graphics Array (VGA) signals transmit an analog signal to the monitor instead of digital signals. The most common version of VGA is Super VGA (SVGA). It allows resolutions higher than 640×480, such as 800×600 or 1920×1080. The VGA transmission bandwidth is high enough to support even higher resolution reproduction; There may be degradation of image quality, depending on the quality and length of the cable. This type of connector is becoming obsolete and is being replaced by DVI and HDMI cable and DisplayPort.

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