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What is the full form of ICT?

ICT: Information and Communications Technology

The full form of ICT is “Information and Communications Technology“. It is an extensional term for Information Technology (IT) that stresses the role of unified communications and the integration of telecommunications and computers. Information and communications technology (ICT), is the infrastructure and components that enable modern computing. ICT also includes necessary enterprise software, middleware, storage, and audiovisual systems, that enable users to access, store, transmit, and manipulate information. It includes any product that stores, retrieves and manages the digital data like computers, mobile phones, robots, etc.

ICT has become a basic need for today’s society. Business organizations use ICT in many ways, for example, to increase productivity, bring customers, boost up their resources, etc. ICT has more recently been used to describe the convergence of several technologies and the use of common transmission lines carrying very diverse data and communication types and formats. The list of ICT components is exhaustive, and it continues to grow. Some components, such as computers and telephones, have existed for decades. Others, such as smartphones, digital TVs and robots, are more recent entries. ICT cannot be defined in a particular way as the methods and applications involved in ICT are evolving day by day.

Other full forms of ICT

Full FormCategory
In-Circuit TestElectronics
Institute for Counter-TerrorismGovernmental Organizations
International Campaign for TibetNon-Profit Organizations
Institute of Computer TechnologyCompanies & Firms
Information and Computer TechnologyUniversities
Internet and Communications TechnologyUniversities
Individual and Collective TrainingMilitary
Introduction to Critical ThinkingUniversities
Ideal Cycle TimeElectronics
Intermittent Cervical TractionPhysiology
Internet Communications TeamInternet
International Cartoon TelevisionNews & Media
Information Centre TechnologyGeneral Business
Mid-Continent Airport, USAAirport Codes
International Communications TelesalesGeneral Business
Interactive College of TechnologyColleges
IndoChina TimeTime Zones
International Container TerminalShipping & Sailing
Illinois Center for TransportationUniversities
Institute of Chemical TechnologyUniversities
Inverness Calidonian ThistleNFL Teams
Independent Contractors AgreementBusiness
Infection Control TeamHospitals
Inquiry, Concept, and TaskEducational
Instant Center TrackingCyber & Security
Interconnected Computer TerminalHardware
Internal Charge TransferAccounting
International Conference on TelecommunicationsConferences
Immunoreactive ChemoTherapyOncology
International ComplianceInternational

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