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What is the full form of BPL & APL?

BPL: Below Poverty Line

The full form of BPL is “Below Poverty Line“. It is a reference used by the government of India to indicate economic disadvantages and identify individuals and families that need government aid and assistance. Below Poverty Line (BPL) refers to an income threshold. People whose incomes are below this limit are considered poor or below the poverty line. The threshold is determined using several parameters that vary from state to state and within states. The current criteria are based on a survey conducted in 2002. The central government of India has not undertaken a new survey for a decade. Hence the government is undecided on criteria to identify families of BPL.

It is very difficult to define ‘Poverty Line’ for Pan India. Internationally, an income below ₹ 150 per day per person of purchasing power parity is defined as extreme poverty. According to this estimate, about 12.4% of Indians are extremely poor. Income-based poverty lines consider the minimum income to meet basic food needs; It does not consider other essential elements, such as medical care and education. The government launches several schemes to help the BPL section, so that their basic needs, such as food, housing and clothing can be met. According to a committee led by C Rangarajan (former governor of the Reserve Bank), approximately 30% of India’s total population lived in poverty in 2011-12. Certain groups, specifically those of Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST), suffer exclusion in debates about poverty. Families that have BPL Ration card will receive 25 to 35 kg of food grains.

APL: Above Poverty Line

The full form of APL is “Above Poverty Line“. It is a measure in India of people living above the nationally designated poverty line. India divides the poverty line into urban and rural areas. People in urban areas must reach higher monthly minimum income levels to be considered above the poverty line. The World Bank uses a stricter poverty line than the Indian government. Above Poverty Line (APL) Ration cards are those, that were issued to families living above the poverty line (as estimated by the Planning Commission). These families received 15 kg of food grains (depending on availability).

Other full forms of BPL & APL

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Bangladesh Premier LeagueCricket
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Borland Pascal LibraryLibraries
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Brisbane Premier LeagueFootball
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Broadband over Power LineCommunication
Brooklyn Public LibraryLibraries
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APL full formsCategory
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Abductor Pollicis LongusAnatomy & Physiology
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Airport LightsTransportation
Airsoft Pacific LeagueGeneral
Allan Pineda LindoGeneral
Alles Parallel LoesbarGerman
Alliance of Progressive LaborPolitics
Allowance Parts ListMilitary
American Premier LeagueCricket
American President Lines, Ltd.Transportation
Apache Public LicenseSoftware
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Applied Physics LaboratoryResearch & Development
Applied Physics LettersJournals & Publications
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Array Programming LanguageLanguage & Literature
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Assistant Patrol LeaderMilitary
Association of Pension LawyersRegional Organizations
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Automatic Premium LoanGeneral
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named after the book “A Programming Language”Programming Languages
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