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What is the full form of TA?

1) TA: Travelling Allowance

The full form of TA is Travelling Allowance. It is a pay benefit granted to employees by the organization in accordance with the rules. Travel Allowance (TA) is a type of reimbursement provided to an employee by an organization in which he is working. Companies pay a fixed travel allowance monthly, and some companies require their employees to submit travel tickets, hotel bills, and other bills to get the amount spent on the business trip. Generally, Travelling allowances are fixed so the employee has to spend within the limits if he spends more then he has to bear the additional travelling expenses. The TA varies based on the employee’s job title/designation. It may be higher for a person who is working in a higher rank in a company.

2) TA: Territorial Army

In the Indian Army, TA stands for Territorial Army. It is a volunteer reserve force of the Indian Army, which receives military training for a few days in a year and serves in uniform for a few days each year, so that, in the event of a national emergency, they can be mobilized to defend the country. It is not a profession, occupation or source of employment. It is only intended for those people who already have gainful employment or self-employment in a civil profession; in fact, paid or self-employment in a civil profession is a prerequisite for joining the Territorial Army. Candidates can join the Territorial Army as Officers and Junior Commissioned Officers (JCO). The Territorial Army’s current role is to relieve the regular army from static tasks and to assist the civil administration in dealing with natural disasters and maintaining the essentials.

Other full forms of TA

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