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What is the full form of SSLC?

SSLC: Secondary School Leaving Certificate

The full form of SSLC is “Secondary School Leaving Certificate“. It is a certification granted by the CBSE or state education board after successfully completing an exam at the end of the high school study in India. The SSLC is obtained after passing the public grade 10 exam, usually called a ‘class 10 exam’ in India. The SSLC is popular in many states of India, especially Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Students can take the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) exam after completing 15 years of age. Currently, SSLC (or equivalent) is required to obtain a passport under the Indian government for employment purposes.

The Indian education system is fundamentally divided into three groups. The first five years of education are primary schooling (class 1 to 5), followed by five years of high school (class 6 to 10), SSLC must be obtained at the end of the term of study at the secondary school. The latter is a high school or PUC (class 10 to class 12). After that, a student can apply for a graduate degree (UG). After obtaining the SSLC, the student can choose to pursue the Pre-University Course (PUC) or attend an Industrial Training Institute (ITI), where it is possible to gain the necessary skills for technical occupations. Other options include joining the polytechnic for a three-year diploma in engineering course.

Other full forms of SSLC

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