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What is the full form of CS?

CS: Company Secretary

CS full form

In the field of commerce, CS stands for “Company Secretary”. It is a senior position in private and public sector organizations. Company Secretary (CS) is one of the high-paid jobs in the private sector and big public organizations. This is often a position of manager or even higher. A CS is responsible for maintaining and auditing the company’s tax returns, keeping records, advising the board of directors regarding the financial health of the company and ensuring that the company complies with legal and statutory regulations.

Company Secretary (CS) – Eligibility Criteria

To be able to professionally practice Company Secretaryship, you has to complete professional training and pass examinations. After completing CS course you can become CS. Any student who aspires to become a certified Company Secretary must fulfill the below-mentioned eligibility criteria to pursue the programme:

  • Minimum qualification required to register for the first level (Foundation Programme or CSEET) of Company Secretary course is Class 12th pass in any stream (excluding Fine Arts) from a recognized university or equivalent.
  • Students who want to join CS course after 10+2 pass or equivalent have to go through three stages to pursue Company Secretary course: Foundation Program, Executive Programme and Professional Programme.
  • Candidate who wish to pursue CS after graduation will have to complete only two levels: Executive Programme and Professional Programme.
  • Those who have completed graduation, post graduation (excluding fine arts) and have cleared Foundation level of CA and Cost Accounting course by ICWAI can directly take admission to CS Executive level.

Company Secretary Jobs

Check out the jobs which you can look for, with a CS graduate degree.

Job ProfileJob DescriptionAverage Salary
Business ConsultantA business consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area. Business consultants do the work of improving various operations of a company. They assess various weaknesses present in a company, and suggest business solutions.₹9,90,000
Operations ManagerOperations managers do the work of supervising, hiring, and training employees in both large and small scale organizations. They are also responsible for strategizing process improvements, managing quality assurance, etc.₹7,60,000
Investment BankerInvestment bankers assist individuals or any business organization in raising capital and administering financial consultancy services to them. They help new firms to go public by being intermediaries between the investors and the security issuers.₹9,04,000
Finance ConsultantFinancial consultants help their clients in forming a battle financial plan for their overall well-being. They are a sort of advisor who conduct an audit of your present financial condition and plan to assist you in pursuing your future goals.₹6,30,000
Marketing ManagerA marketing manager plays a significant role in driving a business growth. Their main work is to promote product, service or business. They ensure the company’s communication with the audience is done in the right way, and they are successful in attracting the prospective customers.₹6,80,000
Stock BrokerA stockbroker is a regulated representative of the financial market who is responsible for facilitating the selling and buying of stocks at the stock markets. They do it on behalf of financial institutions, investor clients, and firms.₹3,90,000

Other full forms of CS

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Copper SulfateChemistry
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