What is the full form of CM?

CM Full Form

CM: centimeter

CM: centimeter

The full form of CM is “centimeter”. A centimeter (cm) is a metric unit of measurement used for measuring the length of an object. It is a unit of length in the metric system, equal to one hundredth (1/100) of a meter that is 100 Centimeter (cm) = 1 meter (m). You may also see centimeter spelled as centimetre. Both spellings are correct, and both mean the same thing.

CM: Chief Minister

CM full form: Chief Minister

In India, a Chief Minister (CM) is the elected head of government of each state and sometimes a union territory. He is the repository of all the power of the State. He is the Head of the Council of Ministers, the Legislature, and the leader of the majority party in the government. He should be a member of any of the two houses.

Other Full Forms of CM

Full FormCategory
Call MeChat
Championship ManagerEntertainment
Connection MachineHardware
Content ManagementInternet & Computing
CyanogenModSoftware & Applications
Cable ModemInternet
Case ManagementLaw & Legal
Case ManagerOccupation & Positions
Center of MassPhysics
Changes MadeMilitary
Clinical ModificationHospitals
Committee MeetingState & Local
Common ManEducational
Compression MoldedPlastics
Conceptual ModelMilitary
Configuration ManagementElectronics
Construction ManagementEducational
Construction ManagerOccupation & Positions
Current MeterOcean Science

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