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What is the full form of ETA?

ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival

The full form of ETA is Estimated Time of Arrival. It is also called as Expected Time of Arrival. Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is used to show the amount of time remaining for a particular entity to arrive or something is expected to be done. This entity can be a train, airplane, bus, ship, letter, courier anything that you expect to arrive. This term is commonly used to show the date the time at which a ship is supposed to arrive at the port. The time is specified in the form of a particular date with expected time in hours and minutes.

ETA full form

The Expected time is measured from the past experiences and with the help of a formula. For example, a certain flight may have a calculated ETA based on the speed by which it has covered the distance traveled so far. The remaining distance is divided by the speed previously measured to roughly estimate the arrival time. This particular method does not take into account any unexpected events (such as new wind directions) which may occur on the way to the flight’s destination.

Other full forms of ETA

Full FormCategory
Employment and Training AdministrationGovernmental » US Government
Edited To AddInternet
Euskadi Ta AskatasunaGovernmental » Politics
Expected Time of ArrivalGovernmental » Police
Electronic Transactions ActGovernmental » Law & Legal
Euzkadi Ta AskatasunaInternational » Spanish
Electronic Travel AuthorityCommunity » Travel & Tourism
Euskadi Ta AzkatasunaMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Electronic Transfer AccountBusiness » Accounting
EBCDIC To ASCIIComputing » Assembly
Extension Travel AdjustmentCommunity » Travel & Tourism
Easy To AssembleMiscellaneous » Manufacturing
Entrade, IncorporatedBusiness » NYSE Symbols
English Teaching AssistantBusiness » Occupation & Positions
Euskadi Ta AskatasumaMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Estimated Time To ArrivalMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Energy Transfer AcceleranceGovernmental » Energy
Epileptic Terror AttackCommunity » Music
En Taro AdunMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Employee Training AssessmentGovernmental » Employment
Equality To AllGovernmental » US Government
Elite Tactical AssaultComputing » Gaming
Eric The AwfulMiscellaneous » Names and Nicknames
Engine Temperature AlarmGovernmental » Transportation
English Translation AwardMiscellaneous » Awards & Medals
Explore, Think, ActCommunity » Educational
Engelbert Tristram AwardMiscellaneous » Awards & Medals
Erindale Taiwanese AssociationBusiness » Professional Organizations
Euskadi Ta AskatutaMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Erroding Terrain AsilarAcademic & Science » Geology
Enquiry Taxpayer AmendmentGovernmental » State & Local
Empty Tank AlertGovernmental » NASA
Euskadi Ta AsMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Electric Trainer AircraftMiscellaneous » Aircraft & Aviation
Ellinika Touristika AkinitaMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Every Time AwfulMiscellaneous » Funnies
Expense, Time, and ActivityBusiness » Accounting
Elite Tennis AssociationSports » Tennis
Expected Time of AccomplishmentBusiness » General Business
Expected Time of ActionBusiness
Eat That AppleMiscellaneous » Food & Nutrition
Eating Time of Afternoon SnacksMiscellaneous » Funnies
Electronic Travel AuthorizationCommunity » Travel & Tourism
Estimated Time AvailableComputing » Networking
Estimated time (of) arrivalCommunity
Environmental Transport AssociationBusiness » Professional Organizations
Estimated Time AllocationMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Egyptian Tourist AuthorityCommunity » Travel & Tourism
Elvis Tribute ArtistCommunity » Performing Arts
Engineering Technology AssociatesBusiness » Companies & Firms
Estimated Time ArrivalMiscellaneous » Names and Nicknames
Estimated Time to AcquisitionGovernmental » NASA
Equity Transfer AgreementBusiness » Accounting
Eesti Teaduste AkadeemiaAcademic & Science » Societies
Educational Technology AssociationCommunity » Educational
Estimated Time of AnalysisComputing » Software
External Tank AttachmentGovernmental » NASA
Electronics Transaction AssociationAcademic & Science » Electronics
Esitmated Time Of ArrivalMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Employment Training AdministrationGovernmental » Employment
Electronic Transportation AcquisitionGovernmental » Transportation
Emirates Trading AgencyBusiness » International Business
Exception Time AccountingBusiness » Accounting
English Teaching AssistantshipInternational » English
Enter The AdamMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Euskadi taMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Evangelical Training AssociationBusiness » Professional Organizations
European Technical ApprovalRegional » European
Edit Text AMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Electronic Transactions AssociationCommunity » Associations
Easy To AddMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Education, Tours, and AdventureCommunity » Educational
Electronic Travel AidsAcademic & Science » Electronics

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