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What is the full form of IMFL?

IMFL: Indian Made Foreign Liquor

IMFL full form

The full form of IMFL is Indian Made Foreign Liquor. It is a term used to denote western-style hard liquor, such as whiskey, rum, vodka, etc., that are manufactured in India. It is the official term used by governments, companies and the media in India to refer to all types of hard alcohol produced in the country except indigenous alcoholic beverages such as fenny, toddy, arrack etc. The IMFL also refers to spirits produced in foreign countries and imported into India in large quantities and bottled in an excise bonded warehouse by the importers.

There seems to a confusion that Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) means scotch, vodka etc. No, it means anything that is not toddy, arrack or other indigenous alcohol. following are the famous brands of IMFL

  • blenders pride regular
  • Blenders pride blue
  • Royal challenge
  • Peter scot
  • Antiquity blue
  • Old monk rum
  • McDowell all brands
  • Seagrams all brands

The most popular foreign liquors manufactured abroad, but also licensed to manufacture in India, are VAT 69, Teachers, 100 Pipers, Jim Beam etc. These foreign spirits are produced in India or packaged in India to reduce the cost of importing packaged beverages. The major scotch whiskey like VAT 69 is a recipe from Scotland and licensed to be produced by United Breweries. Some other foreign companies have installed their packaging units in India such as Jim Beam, bourbon whiskey. Many foreign breweries see India as a good potential market for hard drinks.

Other full forms of IMFL

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