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What is the full form of TDR?

TDR: Ticket Deposit Receipt

TDR full form

The full form of TDR is Ticket Deposit Receipt. TDR is an option in Indian Railway that refunds the ticket. It can be submitted to claim a refund if the customer was not able to perform the journey due to any of the following reasons.

  • Train Cancelled By Railways
  • Train running Late by More than Three hours And Passenger Not Travelled
  • The difference of fare in case proper coach not attached
  • AC Failure
  • Traveled without proper ID proof
  • Wrongly charged by TTE
  • Party partially traveled
  • Passenger Not traveled

Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) can be filled within 30 days of the scheduled departure and it may take up 90 days for the refund. The cancellation and refund status can be checked at IRCTC website.

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