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What is the full form of NCR?

NCR: National Capital Region

NCR full form

The full form of NCR is “National Capital Region“. The National Capital Region (NCR) and its planning board were created under the National Capital Region Planning Board Act of 1985. The main aim of creating Delhi NCR region was to avoid congestion in Delhi and move burden from Delhi to other regions. For this purpose National Capital Region Planning Board was created to promote economic & infrastructure growth in NCR districts to decentralize migration of people from different states to Delhi. The average population growth in Delhi was almost 60% till 1991 after which it started declining because of development of Gurgaon & Noida.

That 1985 Act defined the NCR as being the whole of NCT of Delhi; the Haryana districts of Gurgaon, Faridabad (then including Palwal), Rohtak (then including Jhajjar), Sonipat, and the Rewari and Panipat tehsils then in Mahendragarh; and the Uttar Pradesh districts of Bulandshahr, Meerut and Ghaziabad (including Hapur Tehsil), and some of the Rajasthan district of Alwar. The 1985 boundary of the NCR covered an area of 34,144 km.

For future the NCR Planning Board wants to develop regions like Manesar, Bhiwari, Alwar, Sonipat, Meerut, for which it is developing a Regional Rapid Transit System. In the first phase it will connect Delhi – Alwar(170 Km), Delhi – Panipat(100 Km), & Delhi – Meerut(80 Km) with plans to connect with other districts in second phase.

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