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What is the full form of OOTD?

OOTD: Outfit of the Day

OOTD full form

The full form of OOTD is “Outfit of the Day“. It is a popular slang that is widely used on fashion blogs, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram even on videos uploaded to YouTube. An outfit of the day (OOTD) is where fashion bloggers show what clothes (or outfits) they wear on a given day or occasion. In general, when they post photos of themselves in trendy clothes, users tag #OOTD … just search for #OOTD and you will have photo streams on Instagram and Tumblr, showing users in their day clothes. It is believed to be a variant of WIWT (What I Wore Today) and is used to tell others what someone has worn. Similar to these blogs are known as “outfit(s) of the week” (OOTW), where the blogger will show what he/she plans to wear for an entire week (or several days).

Other full forms of OOTD

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Officer Of The DayMilitary
One Of These DaysChat
One Of Those DaysTexting
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Order Of The DragonGaming
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