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What is the full form of SUV?

SUV: Sport Utility Vehicle

The full form of SUV is “Sport Utility Vehicle“. It is a specific type of four-wheeled vehicle that can run on all types of roads, such as Highways, City Roads, forest Roads, Countryside and farmland. The term SUV is not used in all countries and, outside of North America, the terms “off-road vehicle”, “four-wheel-drive” or “four-by-four” or simply the use of the brand to describe the vehicle as “Jeep”, “Land Rover” or “BMW” is more common. Depending on their interior space and size, SUVs can be classified into the following 5 types.

  • Mini SUVs
  • Compact SUVs
  • Mid-sized SUVs
  • Full-sized SUVs
  • Extended-length SUVs
SUV full form

The sport utility vehicle (SUV) is one of the best options for driving on and off the road. They are known for their high ground clearance, vertical, square body and high H point. It has been designed to provide a very spacious interior and a robust exterior. SUVs are often criticized for their impact on other road users and the environment. The elements of its design present safety risks for its drivers and others, and are considered one of the main causes of the increase in pedestrian deaths in the USA. They are generally less fuel-efficient than smaller vehicles, which contributes more to global warming. The new SUV models are more aerodynamic, but the size and weight of the vehicle make its fuel efficiency poor.

Other full forms of SUV

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