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What is the full form of CC and BCC?

CC and BCC

CC: Carbon Copy

In the context of email, the full form of CC is Carbon Copy.The term is very popular on the Internet among email users. The CC field is used to send a message to more than one recipient. Some people place their email IDs in the CC field with the recipients’ name.

If you want to send an email to your friend about a particular subject and you want the rest of the 4 friends to know what email you are sending, then you can enter the email address of the other 4 friends in the CC field. By doing CC, all five friends will know to whom you are emailed and their email IDs will also be visible to each other.

CC full form

Carbon Copy (CC) is used a lot in companies because many people work together on many jobs in the company and the email should be received by everyone together and they also need to know to whom the email was sent. So CC is very important for them.

The term CC comes from a carbon copy in which a carbon copy is made by placing a carbon paper between two sheets and writing on the upper sheet. When you write something on the top sheet, this copy leaves a duplicate mark because it is on another sheet. You can make more carbon copies by placing more carbon paper and paper sheets between the top and bottom papers.

BCC: Blind Carbon Copy

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. The acronym BCC has also been used in email. If you do not want the address of the email list to be known to everyone, then instead of using the CC field, their email address will have to be inserted in the Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) field.

BCC full form

If you send an email to your five friends and you don’t want those whom you have sent the email to know that this email has gone to someone else then you can use BCC to hide the list. By putting an email ID in the BCC field, no one will know to whom the email has been copied. In CC the reply of email is also detected but in BCC the reply is hidden.

Other full forms of CC & BCC

CC Full FormCategory
Creative CommonsNon-Profit Organizations
Credit CardTrade
Cubic CapacityUnits
Closed CaptioningMovies & Film
Common CriteriaSecurity
CocosDomain Names (TLD)
Country ClubCommunity
Child CareEducational
C CompilerSoftware
Código CivilSpanish
Correlation CoefficientMathematics
Cancer CenterOncology
Cocos IslandsCountries
Country CodeTelephone Country Codes
Colorectal CancerOncology
Community CenterCommunity
Cámara de ComercioSpanish
Cricket ClubCricket
Carrying CapacityTransportation
Control CLanguage Codes (3 Letters)
Common CarrierNews & Media
Clear ChannelCompanies & Firms
Coiled CoilElectronics
Central ControlMilitary
Command and ConquerGaming
Cubic CentimeterOncology
BCC Full FormCategory
British Chambers of CommerceRegional Organizations
Berkshire Community CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Banque Centrale des ComoresBanking
Banco Central de CubBanking
Banque Centrale du CongoBanking
Bangkok Christian CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Barbados Community CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Bergen Community CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Berkeley City CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Baltimore City CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Barisal Cadet CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Ballarat Clarendon CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Bay City Central High SchoolUniversities & Institutions
Bee County CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Bacolod Christian CenterUniversities & Institutions
Basal Cell CarcinomaOncology
Body Centered CubicChemistry
Boise Cascade CorporationNYSE Symbols
Block Check CharacterGeneral Computing
Broadcasting Corporation of ChinaNews & Media
Blind Courtesy CopyGeneral Business
Business Career CenterEducational
Bay Command ConsoleMilitary
Breast Cancer CenterOncology
Battlefield Circulation ControlMilitary
Breast Cancer CoalitionNon-Profit Organizations
Battle Creek Central High SchoolSchools
Block Check CountNetworking
Base Cluster CommanderMilitary
Battery Control CentralMilitary
Baron Consulting CompanyCompanies & Firms
Basic Core CurriculumEducational
Boston Community CooperativeCommunity
Big Conspiracy Cover-upLaw & Legal
Battlefield Command ComputerMilitary
Brodwyn Chiropractic ClinicCompanies & Firms
Brightmoor Community CenterCommunity
Bristol Community CollegeColleges

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