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What is the full form of SMS?

SMS: Short Message Service

The full form of SMS is “Short Message Service“. The short message service (SMS) is a communication protocol that allows you to exchange text messages between mobile devices. It uses standardized communication protocols to allow mobile devices to exchange short text messages. You can send SMS through cell phones, smartphones, computer systems with Web, portable devices, etc. All telecommunications companies such as Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, etc. Offer the possibility of sending SMS. An intermediary service can facilitate the sending of text to speech to landlines. SMS was the most used data application at the end of 2010, with an estimated 3.5 billion active users, or approximately 80% of all mobile subscribers.

SMS full form

It was originally designed as part of GSM, but now it is also available on CDMA phones. The maximum length of an individual message varies up to 160 alphanumeric 7-bit characters. (In the case of 5-bit mode, it supports 224 characters). An SMS message is temporarily stored in the SMS center, if the recipient’s cell phone is not available. In most cell phones it is possible to specify a validity period after which the SMS message will be removed from the SMS center. Once deleted, the SMS message will no longer be available to send to the recipient’s cell phone (even if it is online). The first SMS message was sent via Vodafone’s GSM network in the United Kingdom on December 3, 1992.

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