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What is the full form of PFA?

1) PFA: Please Find Attachment

The full form of PFA is “Please Find Attachment“. PFA is an Internet slang, used in email when a person attaches a photo, PDF file, Video or anything else with email. It is used to indicate that an attachment has been added to this email, please check this out. Please Find Attachment (PFA) is a way of expressing that an email contains an attachment and indicates that the reader should search for the attachment(s).

PFA full form

2) PFA: Predictive Failure Analysis

In computer, PFA stands for Predictive Failure Analysis. It is a computing mechanism used to predict future failures of hardware components and potentially enable mechanisms to prevent or combat them. IBM introduced the term PFA and its technology in 1992, originally used as IBM’s proprietary technology to monitor future hard disc failures. This technology merged with IntelliSafe to form SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology).

3) PFA: Protection From Abuse

protection from abuse

Protection from Abuse (PFA) is a legal document that specifies where and how someone can and cannot contact you. Violating a PFA is grounds for criminal charges. In the USA, the person can contact the local police department and talk to them about applying for a PFA. In India, the Rules/Laws/Acts on domestic violence are not gender-neutral, they are only for the protection of women. The Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act of 2005 and the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 govern the protection of women against domestic violence. It acts as a basis for divorce and criminal punishment for the husband and in-laws. It is connected to dowry, rape, sexual harassment, etc. The laws cover wife, mother, sister and any other woman in the household.

Other full forms of PFA

Full FormCategory
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Palestinian Football AssociationFootball
Parent Faculty AssociationEducational
Pennsylvania Family AssistanceState & Local
People For AnimalsAnimals
Performing and Fine ArtsPerforming Arts
Physical Fitness AssessmentMilitary
Pink Fluffy AnimalVeterinary
Plucked From AirManagement
Police Federation of AustraliaRegional Organizations
Police Fingerprint AutomationLaw & Legal
Policía Federal ArgentinaPolice
Pop Forwarding AgentNetworking
Popular Front of AzerbaijanPolitics
Postscript Font ASCIISoftware
Powerhouse Fitness AssociatesSports
Prime Factor AlgorithmMathematics
Printer Font ASCIIFile Extensions
Private Finance AgreementPolice
Professional Footballers AssociationFootball
Professional Footballers AustraliaSports
Progressive Fast AnalysisGeneral
Proper Forcing AxiomMathematics
Property Finance AgencyEnglish
Public Fishing AccessFishing
Pulverised Fuel AshArchitecture
The Proper Forcing AxiomGeneral

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