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What is the full form of DP?

1) DP: Display Picture

In the context of social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. DP stands for Display Picture. It is also known as a profile picture. A key picture of a person on social media or other Internet chat profile/app to represent their visual identity is called DP. Display Picture (DP) was used in the early days of online messaging. The profile picture is a new term introduced by Facebook. People who started using the Internet from the early days have a habit of the term DP, so they are not using the term profile picture.

DP full form

2) DP: Data Processing

In computer science, DP stands for Data Processing. In simple words, it is a process in which the conversion of raw data to meaningful information involves computer systems, software, etc. The term data processing (DP) is also used to refer to a department within an organization responsible for operating a data processing application. Typically, companies use computer systems and software to perform a series of operations to obtain information by processing raw data. There are a large number of software available in the market for processing data. Some of them are MS Word, PowerPoint, MS Excel etc.

DP-Data Processing

Other full forms of DP

Full FormCategory
Dynamic ProgrammingProgramming & Development
Depository ParticipantStock Market
Display PortComputing
Double PlayBaseball
Director of PhotographyJob Titles
Dynamic PositioningMilitary
First Choice AirwaysAirport Codes
Dr PepperProducts
Daily PennsylvanianNews & Informations
Democratic PartyPolitics
Double PenetrationMilitary
Digital PhotographyPhotography & Imaging
Development PlanMilitary
Diastolic PressurePhysiology
Differential PressureChemistry
Degree of PolymerizationPlastics
Distributed ProcessingNetworking
Dual ProcessorGeneral Computing
Digital PerformerChat
Displaced PersonsUS Government
Decimal PlacesUnit Measures
Dual PurposeMilitary
Data PacketNetworking
Down PaymentAccounting
Design PerformanceGeneral Business
Decision PointMilitary
Data PointPhysics
Draft ProposalGeneral Computing

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