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What is the full form of FYI?

FYI: For Your Information

FYI full form

The full form of FYI is For Your Information. It is a common internet abbreviation used these days on online chatting. FYI is commonly used in e-mail, instant messaging or memo and messages, typically in the message subject, to flag the message as an informational message, with the intent to communicate to the receiver that they may be interested in the topic, but is not required to perform any action. It is also commonly used in informal and business spoken conversations. The use of FYI acronym in conversation is considered informal. If it is not used properly, it seems disrespectful and arrogant. So, It is advised to avoid FYI in conversation.

Other Full Forms of FYI

FYI full formCategory
F*** You IdiotChat
Fairbury Youth InvolvementCommunity
Family Youth InterventionsYouth
Feed Your InstinctGeneral
Fer Yer InfermaeshunMiscellaneous
Festival Youth InstructionEducational
Filter Your InternetCyber & Security
First Year InformationUniversities
First Year InteractionsGeneral
First Year IntroductionGeneral
Flying Yellow InsectsGeneral
for Yarn InvasionGeneral
For Your ImprovementGeneral
For Your InflammationProducts
For Your InnerselfChat
For Your InspectionMiscellaneous
For Your InspirationGeneral
For Your InterestGeneral
For Your IntonationEducational
For Your InvestmentStock Exchange
For Youth InitiativeCommunity
For Youth InquiryMiscellaneous
Forbes Yacht InvitationGeneral
Forget Your IdeaChat
Foster Youth InvolvedCommunity
Fostering Youth IndependenceYouth
Found Your InsulinMiscellaneous
Free Youth InternetInternet
Fresh Youth InitiativesEducational
Freshman Year InitiativeGeneral
Fresno Yosemite InternationalAirport Codes
Front Yard InitiativeGeneral
Fuller Youth InstituteYouth
Fungal Yeast InfectionPhysiology

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