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What is the full form of LLR?

LLR: Learner’s Licence Registration

The full form of LLR is Learner’s Licence Registration. In India a person has to hold a valid LLR to practice driving motor vehicles on roads provided they are supervised by a permanent driving licence holder. Applicant has to visit RTO for Learner’s Licence Registration (LLR) on the prescribed date along with acknowledgement, e-receipt (if paid online) and original documents (Proof of Age/Address etc.,). Applicant has to apply for DL Within 6 months of getting LLR.

Learner’s Licence Registration

Documents Required to get a Learner’s Licence in India

A candidate applying for a Learner’s Licence must submit the following documents at the RTO while filing an application.

  1. Proof of Address (any one document from the list given below)
    • Recent electricity or telephone bill
    • LIC Bond
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Passport
    • House agreement
    • Ration Card
  2. Age Proof (any one document of the below given list of documents)
    • PAN Card
    • Birth Certificate
    • Transfer certificate from any school for any class with date of birth printed on it.
    • 10th Class mark sheet
    • Passport
  3. Application Fee for Learner’s Licence
  4. If you are residing in other cities, you can submit the rental agreement with a copy of a recent utility bill like electricity bill or gas bill as current address proof.
  5. At least six copies of passport size photographs
  6. Medical Certificate – Form 1 A and 1 which is to be signed by a certified Government doctor (if applicable).
  7. Completely filled application form. (You can download the form from the state RTO portal or you can procure the form from the nearest RTO office)

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