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What is the full form of MCWOG?

MCWOG: Motor Cycle Without Gear

The full form of MCWOG is Motor Cycle Without Gear. It is a driving licence category in India. Person holding Motor Cycle Without Gear (MCWOG) licence can drive motor cycle of capacity more than 50cc, without gear like mopeds, scooters and other motorcycles which do not have gear. If your DL states only MCWoG in that case you could drive only 2 wheelers without gear. Incase of MCWG you are allowed to drive both types of 2 wheelers (with gear / without gear).


Eligibility Criteria

The applicant should be minimum 16 years old and should have the consent of his guardian or parents. He must be aware of traffic rules and regulations, and should possess a valid age proof and address document.

If a person meets above criteria then he/she can appear for an online test to get a LLR, which is valid for 6 months. After 6 months LLR holder have to visit the RTO in order to give a driving exam, Passing this exam will get a permanent licence.

Driving Licence Categories in India

Here’s a basic overview of the driving licence categories and the class of vehicles in India. However, the eligibility criteria is subject to change depending on the class of the vehicle.

Category of useLicence ClassVehicle Type
Personal UseMC 50ccVehicles that have an engine capacity of 50cc or less than that.
MC EX50CCVehicles like motorcycles with gears whose engine capacity is of 50CC or more.
LMV-NTVehicles like jeep and motor cars fall under the Light Motor Vehicle Category but these are of non-transport class.
MCWOG/FVGVehicles without gears fall under this category like scooters and mopeds.
MCWGVehicles like motorcycles both with and without gear fall under this category.
Commercial UseLMVLight motor vehicles including motorcars, jeeps, taxis, delivery vans.
MGVFor medium goods vehicle.
HMVFor Heavy Motor Vehicles.
HGMVVehicles like trailers, larger trucks, and other similar vehicles used for transport of goods fall under the category of HGMV.
HPMVVehicles that runs for commercial purpose and has an All India Permit to carry passengers falls under the HPMV category.
TRANSTRANS authorizes the holder to operate both the heavy transport motor vihicles & heavy passenger motor vehicles.
TrailerThe holder of Trailer driving licence can drive heavy motor vehicle along with trailer. HMV license is mandatory to avail this licence.
LDRXCVLDRXCV (Loader, Excavator, Hydraulic Equipment) license is required to drive and operate big earth moving equipment. HMV license is mandatory to avail this licence.

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