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What is the full form of ATP?

ATP: Adenosine Triphosphate

ATP full form is "Adenosine Triphosphate"

The full form of ATP is “Adenosine Triphosphate”. It is considered to be the energy currency of life as this molecule has the capacity to store energy in it to carry out the daily works of our lives. It is a multifunctional nucleoside triphosphate utilized in cells as a coenzyme. ATP is a high-energy molecule found in the cells of the human body, animals, plants, etc. ATP transports substance vitality inside cells for digestion. It is delivered by photophosphorylation and cell breath and utilized by compounds and auxiliary proteins in numerous cell forms, including biosynthetic responses, motility, and cell division.

Other full forms of ATP

ATP Full FormsCategory
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Accelerated Training ProgramGovernmental » NASA
Acceptance Test PlanGovernmental » Military
Accidental Tech PodcastMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Acquisition Tracking and PointingGovernmental » Military
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Active Time PenaltyMiscellaneous » Unclassified
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Adaption To Technical ProgressMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Adenisyne Tri PhosphateMiscellaneous » Unclassified
adenosine (5′-)triphosphateMedical » Physiology
Adenosine Tri PhosphateMiscellaneous » Unclassified
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Adenosine Tri-PhosphateMedical » Physiology
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Alaska Teacher PlacementRegional » Alaska
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