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What is the full form of ETC?

etc: et cetera

etc: et cetera

The full form of etc is Et cetera in Latin. Which is used on the places where we want to say “and other things” or “and so on”. For example They ask for your personal details – age, sex, nationality, etc.

Other full forms of ETC

Full FormCategory
End of Thinking Capacity Internet » Chat
Electronic Toll CollectionGovernmental » Transportation
Educate The ChildrenCommunity » Non-Profit Organizations
Eligible Telecommunications CarrierComputing » Telecom
Export Trading CompanyBusiness » International Business
Erosion Technology and ConcentrationAcademic & Science » Ocean Science
Estimated Time of CompletionBusiness » General Business
Environmental Tectonics CorporationBusiness » AMEX Symbols
Employee Transportation CoordinatorGovernmental » Transportation
Electrothermal ChemicalGovernmental » Military
Enhanced Throughput CellularAcademic & Science » Electronics
Estimated Time to CompletionBusiness » General Business
Educational Training CenterCommunity » Educational
Educational Technology ConsortiumAcademic & Science » Universities
Experience The CreativityCommunity
Experimental Theater ClubCommunity » Performing Arts
East Texas Central RailroadRegional » Railroads
Enhanced Terminal CapabilityGovernmental » Military
Everything That ControlsMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Earthquake Test CenterAcademic & Science » Ocean Science
Early Thirties CrimeGovernmental » Law & Legal
Excellence Training For ClericalsBusiness » General Business
Education, Traditions, and CelebrationsAcademic & Science » Universities
Evangelism Training ConferenceCommunity » Religion
Executive Transaction CoordinatorsBusiness » Occupation & Positions
Earthquake Test CentreMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Electronic Transaction ClearinghouseAcademic & Science » Electronics
Experiment Test CycleGovernmental » NASA
Ellerby Telephone CompanyBusiness » Companies & Firms
Excellence, Training, and CapabilityAcademic & Science » Universities
Entertainment Technology And CommerceComputing » Technology
Estimate To CompletionGovernmental » NASA
Environmental Traveling CompanionsCommunity » Travel & Tourism
Educational Technology CommitteeCommunity » Educational
Electron Transport ChainAcademic & Science » Physics
Enhanced Tactical ComputerGovernmental » Military
Elite Tauren ChieftanMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Estimated Time to CompleteMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Editable Text ConfigurationMiscellaneous » Unclassified
European Test ConferenceCommunity » Conferences
Education and Training CenterCommunity » Educational
Exchange Traded CommodityMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Engineering Teaching CenterAcademic & Science » Engineering
Encyclopedia Of Triangle CentersMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Eldorado touring coupeMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Enhanced Telecommunications CorporationComputing » Telecom
Event Triggered CamerasMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Everything Type CompanyBusiness » Companies & Firms
Everything–Type–CompanyBusiness » Companies & Firms
Entertainment Technology CenterComputing » Technology
Energy Talent and CommitmentGovernmental » Energy
Engineering Technology CentersComputing » Technology
Educational Technology ClearinghouseCommunity » Educational
Evaluation Techniques CorporationBusiness » Companies & Firms
E Training CenterMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Eat the computerComputing » Gaming
Electron transfer chainMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Electronic Theatre ControlsAcademic & Science » Electronics
Electronic Touch CerealBusiness » Products
Electronic Transaction ClearingAcademic & Science » Electronics
Elite Tauren ChieftainMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Emerging Technology CenterComputing » Technology
Employee Training CenterGovernmental » Employment
Entertainment Technology CultureComputing » Technology
Environmental Technology ControlGovernmental » Environmental
Environmental Training CenterGovernmental » Environmental
Ericsson Texture CompressionMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Etcetera Type CompanyBusiness » Companies & Firms
European Theatre ConventionRegional » European
European Transient CycleRegional » European
Experiential Technologies CenterMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Exposure Time CalculatorMiscellaneous » Unclassified
Earth Terrain CameraGovernmental » NASA
Eastern Tracking CenterGovernmental » NASA

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