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What is the full form of ADCA?

ADCA: Advance Diploma in Computer Applications

ADCA full form

The full form of ADCA is “Advanced Diploma in Computer Application”. This course gives the advance knowledge of computer applications. The persons who are good at maths and interested in computer technology can go on to Advanced Diploma in Computer Application (ADCA). There is a demand for skilled person for handling Computer Applications.

The eligibility criteria required for pursuing ADCA (Advanced Diploma in Computer Application) Course is a passing degree of 10+2 or Higher Secondary Examination or equivalent with Computers as one of the courses from a recognized/sanctioned college or university. The minimum eligible marks required for applying for this course may vary from institute to institute. The duration of the this course is of 12 Months( 1 year) Each Semester is of 6-6 months.

ADCA Course Syllabus

Semester – 1 – Duration :06 Months

  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access (Database)
  • Microsoft Word
  • Internet & Email
  • Computer Network & Multimedia Concept
  • Computer Fundamentals

Semester – 2 – Duration :06 Months

  • Tally 5.4
  • Visual Basic
  • C Programming
  • Corel Draw
  • Photoshop CS
  • C++ Programming

Career after the ADCA Course?

Candidates who completes ADCA cource are required for database management, programming languages, computer software development, systems analysis, etc. Depending upon their skills these candidates can work in IT security, ERP Basics, PC Assembly, e-business, etc Some interesting job profiles which attract candidates are e-commerce, database development, programming, etc. After completing the Advanced Diploma In Computer Application (ADCA) you would be eligible for –

  • Can work as a data entry operator in any government or private sector.
  • Can work as a web developer
  • Can work as an account manager for enterprises.
  • Can work as an account operator with a Chartered Accountant/Company secretary.
  • Can work as an IT Infrastructure supervisor

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