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What is the full form of CBC?

CBC: Complete Blood Count

CBC full form

The full form of CBC is Complete Blood Count. It is a common blood test that evaluates the levels of certain cells in blood like red blood cells (RBC), white blood cells (WBC), platelets, the concentration of hemoglobin (Hbg), etc. The test is often ordered on healthy people as part of a routine medical examination and can be used to help monitor or diagnose various health conditions. A complete blood count (CBC) is used to evaluate your overall health and detect a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infection, leukemia, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, Bone marrow failure, Dengue, Malaria etc. CBC test is performed by running a blood sample on an automated analyzer, which is a machine designed to run laboratory tests. Karl Vierordt performed what is considered the first blood count in 1852, by spreading a specific volume of blood on a microscope slide and counting the cells.

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