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What is the full form of PI?

PI: Police Inspector

PI full form

The full form of PI is Police Inspector. Police Inspector in India is generally in-charge of a police station and a high command officer. A police station in India consists of a constable, a head constable, a sub-inspector and an inspector. The rank of Police Inspector (PI) is more than that of Sub-Inspector (SI) and the post of Sub-Inspector is more than that of Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI). The PI’s designation is a three-star insignia with a red and blue striped ribbon on the outer edge of the shoulder straps.

PI Insignia

Other full forms of PI

Full FormCategory
PiauíStates & Districts
Product InformationProducts
Private InvestigatorJob Titles
Profitability IndexFinance
Process IntegrationSoftware & Applications
Protease InhibitorsMedicines & Drugs
Plaque IndexLaboratory
Propidium IodideChemistry
Plasticity IndexArchitecture & Constructions
Istiqlal PartyPolitics
Post IntelligencerNews & Media
Principal InvestigatorOcean Science
Personal InformationCyber & Security
Performance IndexGeneral Business
Personal InjuryPhysiology
Program ImprovementEducational
Public InformationUS Government
Pages InAssembly
Performance ImprovementGeneral Business
Primary InvestigatorOccupation & Positions
Performance IndicatorStock Exchange
Processing InstructionAssembly
Proportional IntegralElectronics
Programming InterfaceSoftware
Process InformationGeneral Computing
Public InstructionEducational
Public InvolvementCommunity
Platform IndependentHardware
Plant InformationGeneral Business
Philippine IslandsCountries

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