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What is the full form of SIT?

SIT: Special Investigation Team

The full form of SIT is “Special Investigation Team“. It is a special investigation team (SIT) in India, designated to investigate a specific case. This is done in cases where it is not considered that existing research agencies can conduct an adequate investigation on the matter. As no law specifies who can be designated for an SIT, the commitments are at the discretion of the government that was instructed to establish an SIT.

The SITs will be directed by two deputy commissioners who, with their teams, will investigate. Any SIT thus formed does not have the power or purpose of the Court. The Court is free to accept or reject any report made by SIT. In any report made by SIT, the report will first be submitted to the court of first instance and analyzed at all stages of the appeal. If a report is rejected in the process, it is up to the appeals court to decide what the case will be.

The SITs were named only in some prominent cases, the most famous was the case of riots in Gujarat and the most recent was the case of clashes in northeastern Delhi, over the CAA.

SIT members: in general, an SIT has retired HC / SC judges, but may also include other members. It has the investigating officer, as determined by the Code of Criminal Procedure.

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