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What is the full form of POLICE?

Police is not an acronym. So, it has no full form. The word police comes from Middle French police (‘public order, administration, government’), which is derived from Latin-language politia, which is the Latinization of Greek πολιτεία (politeia), “citizenship, administration, civil polity”. This is derived from πόλις (polis), “city”. The police is a security force which is used for the internal civil defense of any country in the same way as the army is used to protect the country from external unethical activities.

Full forms of Police

Actually there is no full form of POLICE, but in internet you can see some interesting and fun full forms like this:

Police full form
  • Polite Obedient Loyal Intelligent Courageous and Efficient
  • Polite Obidient Loyal Intelligent Courageous and Encouraging
  • Protection Of Life and Investigating Criminals Establishment
  • Protection Of Law In Case of Emergency
  • Protection Of Life In Civil Establishment
  • Public Officer for Legal Investigations and Criminal Emergencies
  • Protectors Of Law In Countries Economy
  • Persons Of Low Integrity Controlling Everyone
  • People Often Lie In Confidence Everywhere

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